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What is a
Personal Legend?

How we contribute to their fulfillment

An individual's unique purpose or destiny in life. It's the journey one undertakes to fulfill their deepest desires and aspirations, guided by passion, intuition, and a sense of calling. A Personal Legend is the path that leads a person to their true fulfillment and the realization of their potential.


It involves listening to one's heart, pursuing dreams, overcoming challenges, and learning important lessons along the way, ultimately leading to a sense of inner fulfillment and purposeful existence.

At Good Omen Pictures, we are driven by a profound purpose: making the journey to one's Personal Legend more accessible. Recognizing the challenges individuals face in rising up to their purpose, we tailor our support for each Personal Legend, selectively integrating services for maximum impact. Whether it's financial support, leadership training, programming, or organizational structuring, we strategically choose the most beneficial elements for the specific journey.


Our hands-on approach and brand narrative focus remain constants, ensuring personalized attention and visibility. Good Omen Pictures stands as a dynamic partner, passionately dedicated to making the path to one's purpose more navigable, offering support and fostering connections based on the unique aspirations of each Personal Legend.



Personal Legend #3 - Alex Aldana & the PYFC

The Pico Youth & Family Center, a vital community pillar in Santa Monica, CA, has devoted 21 years to serving disenfranchised youth, primarily from low-income BIPOC backgrounds. Originating as a response to the gang crisis in the 1980s, Alex Aldana, who started as a student volunteer at 16, now leads as the Executive Director.

Over 23 years, changes swept through the community, shaped by the Silicon Beach tech boom, altering the landscape. The disappearance of the gang environment and local businesses posed a threat to PYFC's existence post-pandemic. Good Omen Pictures intervened, working with sponsors, mentors, coaches, and the community to revitalize the center.

Alex Aldana's Personal Legend unfolded: establishing PYFC as a cinematic and music production academy, providing youth with sustainable tools for arts careers. We transformed the facility, crafted a 3-month film fellowship conservatory, and produced films showcased at prestigious festivals such as the Micheaux Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Chelsea Film Festival in New York.  Through our work, we were recognized with the Cesar Chavez Civic Impact Award alongside Alex Aldana which solidified PYFC as a beacon of success. Witness this inspiring journey in our video and explore ways to join PYFC's impactful mission.




Personal Legend #2 - Ali Bilal & Cosmic Demise

Meet Ali Bilal, the visionary behind Cosmic Demise, a fusion of skateboarding culture, street fashion, and film production. From humble beginnings in Stoner Park, Ali's artistic journey began with a vintage camcorder, capturing the essence of his community. As the breadwinner for his family, Ali's resilience and determination drive him to be the best version of himself, supporting his mother and uplifting his community.

With a passion for skateboarding and street fashion, Ali organizes skate tournaments, providing local youth with a platform to express themselves. Good Omen Pictures recognizes Ali's potential and provides mentorship in business, film production, and client acquisition. Through our partnership, Ali receives a Canon camera package, equipping him with the tools to elevate Cosmic Demise to new heights.

Today, Ali Bilal's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passions and overcoming adversity. Join us in celebrating Ali's journey and exploring the vibrant world of Cosmic Demise—a testament to the indomitable spirit of Stoner Park and the transformative power of pursuing one's Personal Legend.




Personal Legend #1 - Josh Adwar & Socal Surf Company

As CEO & Founder of SoCal Surf Company, Josh's mission goes beyond mere business—it's about creating meaningful connections and empowering others to experience the thrill of surfing. Through our collaboration, we had the privilege of crafting Josh's business strategy, introducing him to valuable hotel partners, and providing essential marketing materials like the company's landing page and brand story video.

Through Josh's Personal Legend, SoCal Surf Company has impacted over 300 new surfers along the California coast, from Malibu to Orange County. But Josh's vision extends further. He plans to integrate more non-profit youth centers into his business offerings, ensuring that surfing becomes accessible to everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

Josh's journey exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing one's passions and the profound impact it can have on both individuals and communities. Join us in celebrating Josh's success and the ripple effect of his Personal Legend as we continue to support ventures like SoCal Surf Company in making a positive difference in the world.

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