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Golden Dust

Our vision at Good Omen Pictures is to lead the way in the film production industry, setting the gold standard for authenticity, inclusivity, and impact. We envision a world where our stories break down barriers, promote cultural understanding, and inspire creative innovation.  

At Good Omen Pictures, we foster a collaborative and inclusive culture.


We believe that a diverse group of individuals with unique perspectives leads to more innovative and impactful storytelling.

Our commitment to these tenets extends to the casting, production, and representation of individuals or groups in our films. We actively seek diverse perspectives and experiences to ensure our narratives are truthful, respectful, and grounded in lived experiences.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Creative Development & Pre-Production

Brainstorming & Creative Conceptualization / Production Coordination / Storyboarding & Visualization / Script Development / Casting Coordination / Location Scouting & Acquisition / Permitting Arrangements / Strategic Production Planning

Full Scale Production

Filming & Cinematography / Directorial Services / Photography Services / Artistic Direction / Set Design & Construction / Styling Services (Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup) / Lighting Arrangements / Audio Management / Recruitment of Crew & Vendor Coordination / Operational Execution & Logistics Oversight

Post-Production & Delivery

Film Editing & Assembly / Photo Retouching & Enhancement / Motion Graphics Creation / Sound Design & Engineering / Visual Effects & Composite Work / Music Licensing & Integration / Color Enhancement & Grading / Distribution Strategy Development / Media Acquisition & Placement Strategy


Welcome to the latest innovation in presentation tools – the Interactive Pitch Decks service brought to you by Good Omen Pictures. Elevate your upcoming pitch meetings with our meticulously crafted designs and expert branding strategies. Whether you're pitching a music video, a narrative project, or seeking clarity for your unique vision, our Interactive Pitch Decks can make the crucial difference between securing modest funding and realizing your precise creative vision. Contact us today to request a personalized quote for your project and embark on a journey to pitch-perfect success!

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A game-changing solution for actors seeking to transform their professional submissions – Branded Reels by Good Omen Pictures. 

Our Branded Reels are more than just a showcase of your talent – they're a strategic blend of creativity and professionalism designed to leave a lasting impact on casting directors. Whether you're navigating the competitive landscape of film, television, or theater, our Branded Reels are your ticket to standing out and securing the roles you deserve. Elevate your career to new heights; contact us today to discuss your personalized Branded Reel and embark on a journey toward casting success!

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Good Omen Pictures is an award winning film production company based in Los Angeles, CA.  We partner with agencies, brands and businesses that align with our core values and who are committed to the betterment of our world.

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