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The Good Omen Pictures Journey

In the early days, Good Omen Pictures embarked on its journey in the world of media with humble roots. It all began with a shared passion for storytelling and a few friends seeking to give life to their creative visions. What started as crafting music videos for friends soon blossomed into an inspirational odyssey of cinematic excellence.

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Today, Good Omen Pictures stands as a renowned film production and media agency, recognized for its exceptional narrative production and impactful projects that transcend mere entertainment.


From weaving captivating stories that touch the heart to giving back to the community and creating a genuine, lasting impact, Good Omen Pictures is an innovative company that is transforming lives through the power of its projects.

It's a testament to the company's enduring commitment to its original vision, driven by the belief that every story has the potential to inspire, connect, and change the world.

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Meet our Founder

Frankie Garcés, the CEO and Founder of Good Omen Pictures, embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry as a child actor, evolving over fifteen years into a visionary leader. His early passion for storytelling was nurtured through studies at prestigious institutes such as LACHSA, CSSSA, and The New School for Drama. Frankie's foray into directing commenced with music videos for friends and the creation of short films.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of making a meaningful impact with his artistic endeavors, Frankie established Good Omen Pictures in 2019. Under his adept leadership, the company underwent a remarkable transformation from a small-scale entity into a renowned film production agency. Good Omen Pictures, guided by Frankie's commitment to storytelling, has cultivated a diverse portfolio, ranging from emotive narratives to impactful projects that genuinely make a difference.

Today, Frankie Garcés utilizes his multifaceted skill set to lead Good Omen Pictures in creating compelling content that goes beyond entertainment. The company stands as a symbol of creativity, using the medium of film to inspire and connect with a lasting impact.  Frankie continues to shape its trajectory, emphasizing the power of storytelling in finding innovative solutions for businesses through engaging strategies.

At Good Omen Pictures, our process is rooted in collaboration. We understand that successful projects thrive on fluid communication, trust, and an open space for creativity to flourish. Our commitment to flexibility extends to the execution phase, recognizing that no two projects are identical. Whether it's a commercial film for a brand, a spotlight film on a company, or a series of social media spots, we adapt to the unique needs of each project from our initial conversation to the final delivery, ensuring a tailored and exceptional outcome.

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Good Omen Pictures is an award winning film production company based in Los Angeles, CA.  We partner with agencies, brands and businesses that align with our core values and who are committed to the betterment of our world.

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