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Who we are

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Frankie Garcés
Director | Producer | Actor
- Business Architect -

Founder and CEO of Good Omen Pictures, Frankie always had the plan to create a production company later in life, but unknowingly began the groundwork in 2019.


"It’s something I wanted to take my time with and to be in a place in my life where all my affairs were being handled in a healthy, honest, and hopeful way.  I finally got the opportunity to learn more about myself and to do the necessary work within before I committed to helping those around me.

The name Good Omen came to me directly from The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. In the story, the protagonist Santiago chose to see omens as a guide on his journey to reassure him that the Soul of the World had endorsed his path. The book explains how omens make up part of the Universal Language of the World and if one were able to tap into this language, they can always find meaning in their lives."

what we do


Under our CEO's vision, Good Omen's work ranges from music videos, narrative films, branded design strategy, and business media consultation.

Good Omen Pictures LLC, has created hit videos for upcoming musical artists, produced a number of award nominated shorts, and has been essential in reigniting creative focus for multiple businesses.

Having directed, produced, written, and assisted in creating and executing new milestones for their clients, Good Omen Pictures is known for our distinct vision, inclusive collaborative edge, professional follow up, and impactful strategy in everything we commit to.

Our hands on approach in finding solutions for projects help us to personalize the successful results.  The way we see it; a rising tide lifts all boats.

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